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Seasoned, top-flight healthcare professionals 
of global repute will be talking about this food 
specially designed for human babies: human milk.

With simultaneous interpreting.

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Laurel Wilson

Laurel Wilson



Laurel Wilson, IBCLC, CLE, CCE, CVD has over 22 years’ experience in supporting pregnant women and healthcare professionals working in perinatal care.

She directs programmes for the Childbirth and Postpartum Association, a training organisation for healthcare professionals, especially for establishments seeking to gain the Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative label.

She co-authored the following best-sellers: The Greatest Pregnancy Ever, The Keys to the Mother-Baby Bond and The Attachment Pregnancy, and The Ultimate Guide to Bonding with Your Baby.

She also contributed to Round the Circle and Experienced Doulas Share What They Learned the Hard Way 

She likes to associate the latest scientific discoveries such as the impact of breastfeeding on the epigenome with maternal wisdom. 


Conference summary

"Epigenetics and breastfeeding.
Potential long-term impact of

Recent epigenetic research has prompted scientists to explore environmental influences on infant development, both in utero and throughout their lives.

The genome is the genetic data inherited from parents, but the epigenome is what determines how the genome is expressed. This deciphering process hinges on both the internal and external environments of each individual, including nutrition. 

Scientists have discovered that epigenetic changes can influence not only one but several generations. 

An infant’s first food upon leaving the womb is human milk, and thus breastfeeding has a great epigenetic impact.

Learn about the results of some of the most recent research on epigenetics and human milk

- milk-sharing and wet nursing, 
- epigenetics and human milk, 
- change in the expression of genes and intestinal flora.

"Natural, toxic, or ... what?
Breastfeeding and use of marijuana"

Given the increase in the recreational and medicinal uses of marijuana (cannabis) all over the world, the potential impact on babies during breastfeeding is increasing exponentially. 

In the US, several states have recently legalised or are in the process of legalising consumption. This trend has led to an increasing number of lactation consultants and healthcare professionals being faced with the question “Is it hazardous for me to consume marijuana while breastfeeding?”

Response can vary considerably, largely due to myths, prejudice and poorly constructed and inaccessible research. Thomas Hale, in Medications and Mother's Milk Guide, lists cannabis in category L5, contra-indicated during breastfeeding while Lactnet states that it is preferable for users to continue breastfeeding while limiting the baby’s exposure to the smoke. 

These very different recommendations leave healthcare professionals wondering what to tell mothers. We have also heard of social workers removing babies from parents when the mother consumes marijuana while breastfeeding. 

This talk will explore the latest research and policies concerning this controversial plant. 




Top global specialists will be sharing their most recent research at internationally acknowledged conferences.

With simultaneous interpreting

Dr. Jane Morton
Dr. Jane Morton
Conference :

"Establishing lactation 
when mother and baby are separated"

Dr. Adriano Cattaneo
Dr. Adriano Cattaneo
Epidemiology Consultant
Conference :

"Duration of exclusive breastfeeding
and introduction of supplements, 
what proof do we have?"

Karleen Gribble
Karleen Gribble
Professor and Research worker
Conference :

"When giving breast milk
is a matter of emergency"


For the 10th edition of International Breastfeeding Day, we are honoured to be welcoming Lydia de Raad, who will be sponsoring the event.

Lydia de Raad
Lydia de Raad
Joint President of the Board of Directors, La Leche League International

Françoise-Marie Noguès